Horizon Pictures

Park City, Utah / Jackson, Wyoming

Award winning motion picture
and television productions

Peter Pilafian Biography


THE WAR THAT MADE AMERICA - PBS Series airing 2005 - Varicam HD; Eric Stange Director; WQED-TV (Historical drama set in 1755, shot in Pennsylvania)

SURVIVOR, Seasons II, III, IV, and VII - CBS cameraman for both "Reality" and "Games"; Mark Burnett, Exec. Producer. (2 Emmy Nominations for Cinematography)

OLYMPICS 2004 (ATHENS) "The Official Film" for Bud Geenspan and the IOC; Cameraman, HiDef (720P) video.

JOE NORMAL - NBC Reality show - 2004 - Palm Springs - Tony Croll, Director

OLYMPICS 2002 (SALT LAKE) "The Official Film" for Bud Geenspan and the IOC; Cameraman, HiDef (720P) video.

THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW with Gary Shandling - for HBO; (Camera Operator - 6 seasons); Todd Holland, Director; Peter Smokler, D.P. (Emmys, Aces, etc.).

MOMENTS IN TIME Discovery Channel series on Archeology (2003); (DP for "Ireland" and "Valley Forge"); Terranova Productions, Steve Eder, Exec. Producer (HiDef 24p)

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK History Channel Special - David Vassar, Producer

YOUNG INDIANA JONES Scenes with Harrison Ford, George Lucas directing; ("A" cam. Operator).

MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS (D.P. on Series Pilot); Strath Hamilton, Dir.

BLACK TIDE: VALDEZ ONE YEAR LATER (Co-Director/D.P.), 1-hr. documentary for Discovery.

AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC a PBS Series; Jim Brown, Producer.

THE GRIZZLIES a National Geographic Special; Ted Thomas, Director.

DEATH VALLEY 1 hr. special in High Definition Video; NHK/Discovery: David Patterson, Director.

OVER THE EDGE (ABC Pilot) - story of a mountaineering accident. (Dir./D.P.); Jim Witte, Producer.

AVALANCHE CONTROL PATROL for Digital Ranch/History Channel; (Cameraman).

HOW'D THEY DO THAT (CBS) segments on Extreme Skiing & Solo Climbing (Director/D.P.).

JAZZ IN FILM featuring Terrence Blanchard; Pat Jaffe, producer, for Sony Classical; (D.P.).

CRIMES OF VIOLENCE (KTLA-TV) - two-hour special; Arnold Shapiro, Exec. Producer.

BLACK AT 'YA (pilot) with Rusty Cundieff; - Camera operator, Peter Smokler, D.P.

BUILDINGS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS (Las Vegas sequences) Discovery Channel, Arcwelder Films.

SECRET INTELLIGENCE a four-part series about espionage for PBS; Arthur Barron, Prod.

WHY DID JOHNNY KILL? a 1hr. HBO special for Niemack/Hassett Productions.

STUNTWOMEN, THE WORLD TOUR (Australia and New Zealand) Tri-Crown/Fox; Jeff Androsky.

THE ASTRONOMERS two of the six one-hour programs for PBS; David Oyster, Producer.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES Star Trek V; Die Hard; Internal Affair; Back to the Future; Heroes; etc.


RIDING GIANTS (D.P.) Stacy Peralta, Director; Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, Summer 2004 (Sundance Festival Gala Premiere 2004)

DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS (D.P.) Stacy Peralta, Director; Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics

K2 (2nd Unit Director / D.P.) Franc Roddam, Dir.: Distributed by Paramount.

BREAKDOWN (B camera & 2nd Unit) Kurt Russel; DeLaurentiis Pdns; Jim Arnett, Coordinator.

BARB WIRE (2nd Unit) Jim Arnett, 2nd Unit Dir.: Propaganda Films.

DANCING AT THE BLUE IGUANA with Darryl Hanna; Ericson Core, D.P.; Michael Radford. Dir.

PARADISE (2nd Unit) Mary Agnes Donoghue, Dir.; Jerzy Zielinski, D.P.; Buena Vista.

MUMFORD (2nd Unit D.P.) Lawrence Kasdan, Dir.; Ericson Core, D.P.; a Disney release (1998).

PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT (Aerials) Milos Forman, Director.

HOW TO BE A PLAYER ("A" Camera Operator) Lionel Martin, Director; Robert Primes, D.P.

3 NINJA KIDS II (Underwater 2nd Unit) Feature film produced by Sheen Productions.

THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT (3rd Unit) Robert Redford, Director. (Oscar, Cinematography).

Y.M.I. (D.P.) Feature film directed by Marek Probos

ROUND TRIP TO HEAVEN (2ND Unit) Alan Roberts, Director; Saban Entertainment.

JUNIOR IN LOVE (2nd Unit) Movie of the Week for NBC; Greg Beeman, Director.

THE EIGER SANCTION (2nd Unit) a Clint Eastwood film in Panavision, (Universal/MCA).

DREAM WEST (2nd Unit) NBC Mini-Series ,Richard Chamberlain, whitewater action and stunts.

CHIAROSCURO (D.P.) Katheen Phelan, Dir. (Mini-feature / Director's showcase).

THE PURSUIT OF D.B. COOPER (2nd Unit) Polygram; dir: Frankenheimer; Owen Roizman, DP.


KMART (D.P.); Non-Fiction Spots; Stacy Peralta, Director

HOUDINI Santa Monica Film Festival - (D.P.), Phillip Holohan, Director

THE CAMERAMEN Discovery Channel; (D.P./talent and climbing scenes) M. Rasmussen, Director.

NIKE -- WOMEN'S FITNESS (D.P./Director) 35mm sales piece for Supershow '95.

SUNRISE HOSPITAL -- RED ROCKS CLIMBER (D.P./Director) Air Wave Productions, Las Vegas.

BLIND CLIMBER American Federation of the Blind/Limelight; Eric Steinhauser, Dir.

DIET MOUNTAIN DEW Propaganda Films; (D.P., Climbing Scenes); DavidKellog, Director.

JURASSIC PARK ACROPHOBIA - (2nd Unit) Steiffel and Company, Univeral Studios.

ROUNDUP WEEDKILLER Eggers Films; John Dykstra, Director.

EASY GLIDER, RECLINE RIDER, STEP LIVELY Fitness Quest, Inc. (Director/Cameraman).

VECCHIA ROMAGNA BRANDY (Campaign) including aerials and skiing; Gamma Films.

HERSCHLER RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGNS (Director/Cameraman) for Governor of Wyoming.

NEW IMAGE CAMPAIGN FOR KCWY-TV Spots, opens, logos, promos. Phil Knight, Sta. Mgr.

Adventure Documentaries

EVEREST: MOUNTAIN AT THE MILLENIUM (NBC); AAP Productions; (Director/Cameraman)

TRIUMPH ON MT. EVEREST Seven Summits (ABC Sports); John Wilcox, Producer. EMMY AWARD

THE GREAT BORNEO TRAVERSE (R.J. Reynolds) Rick Ridgeway Productions.

TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD (CBS) prime-time special about the American Bi-Centennial Everest Expedition (filmed at altitudes up to 26,500 ft.).

AMERICAN ADVENTURE: ALASKA Kayaking, Humpback Whales; THE GRAND CANYON - White-water; YOSEMITE - Climbing, Ski Mountaineering; Ted Haimes, Dir; Andrew Solt Pdns.

RIVER OF THE RED APE (Disney) 1hr. special filmed in Sumatra; Sobek Pdns; Richard Bangs, Exec.

ANYPLACE WILD (PBS) 5 half-hours on climbing, trekking, and adventuring in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. St. Helens, New Zealand, and Yosemite; John Viehman, host (Director/Cameraman).

JOURNEY TO THE OUTER LIMITS Nat'l Geographic Special: Outward Bound in South America.

SHEER COURAGE (National Geographic) about a double-amputee climber; Bob Elfstrom, Dir.

RETURN TO THE TITANIC a syndicated television special with Telly Savalas, (Westgate Pdns.).

DISCOVERY AT GRAN PAJATEN archeology in the Peruvian Rainforest; Smithsonian World.

MASTER WEAVERS OF THE ANDES Quechua Indians in Peru. Metropolitan Museum permanent collection; AWARD WINNER, Int'l Crafts Film Festival. (Director/Camera).

BALLOONING IN TANZANIA featuring Sally Field, (ABC Sports); John Wilcox, Producer.