Horizon Pictures

Park City, Utah / Jackson, Wyoming

Award winning motion picture
and television productions

Mountaineering Movies

Peter Pilafian
Director / Director of Photography

Everest at the Millenium NBC-TV Special 1999, (Director/Cameraman) North Face/American Adventure Pdns. Expedition leader: Pete Athans. Mission: to place a GPS receiver on the summit (successful).

In The Footsteps of Conrad Kain for the PBS Series, "Anyplace Wild" (Director/Camera) Incl. historic re-creations of the 1916 ascent of Bugaboo Spire in Canada. Airdate: 5/98.

K2 feature film starring Michael Biehn, about two pals on an expedition to climb the world's 2nd highest peak, 4/92 release by Paramount (Director/D.P.: Second Unit); Franc Roddam, Director.

Extreme Edge ABC-TV special (segment) about Marc Twight, ice climber, soloing the Frendo Spur on the Aiguille du Midi in France (D. P., Technical Adviser.) 1/92

Blind Climber TV commercial for the American Federation for the Blind. (Camera)

Over the Edge Television Pilot, segment re-enacting the fall and survival of Joe Simpson ("Touching the Void"), shot in the Bugaboos, Canada. (Director/D.P.)

Solo Climber CBS "How'd They Do That". Dan Osman in Yosemite (Director/D.P.)

Sheer Courage Hugh Herr, a double amputee climber, for National Geo., (Yosemite)

Triumph on Mt. Everest 1983 expedition with Frank Wells and Dick Bass, for ABC Sports/American Sportsman. (Emmy Award - Camera)

Chouinard on Ice snow & ice technique, filmed in the Tetons (Wyoming).

The Eiger Sanction Clint Eastwood film; Switzerland & Monument Valley - 2nd Unit.

Star Trek V--The Final Frontier behind the scenes documentary, on the climbing team in Yosemite. (Camera)

A Man to Match His Mountains The story of Glen Exum and his 50th Anniversary climb of the Exum Ridge on the Grand Teton at 70. (Director/Camera)

Minya Konka an ABC American Sportsman segment about the American attempt to climb a 25,000 peak in the Szechuan Province of China. (Camera)

Ice Climbing with Jeff Lowe a short segment for Sports Afield on a climb in Utah.

Bridalveil Falls an ABC American Sportsman segment about 3 well-known American climbers ascending a dramatic frozen waterfall near Telluride, Colorado.

Ama Dablam the second ascent of a major Himalayan peak (22,500 feet) for ABC.

To the Top of the World American Bi-Centennial ascent of Everest; CBS special.

Journey to the Outer Limits a National Geographic Special about Outward Bound kids climbing a 19,000 foot peak in Peru. (EMMY Award)