Techniques in Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) offers an unprecedented opportunity to hear and see the successful methods and results of TND in a series of lectures by some of the most respected practitioners in the New Urbanism Movement. The videos cover a wide range of issues and viewpoints and present a compelling body of knowledge in the techniques, history and process of neotraditional community development.

The substantial quality of life benefits of a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) result from the incorporation of many critical physical and programmatic elements. Helping people understand how TNDs work is a process that depends both on the communication of basic underlying principles and the illustration of concrete examples of traditional neighborhoods and towns.

This informative set of videotapes is being made available only to a select group of professionals for a limited time. Order now to ensure your access to the most complete and current information on Traditional Neighborhood Development.

Andres Duany's
Techniques in Traditional Neighborhood Development

Course Video Catalog
Course 540901, given at the
Urban Land Institute's Real Estate School
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

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Available for the first time -- professionally produced videos of Andres Duany's comprehensive course designed for the ULI, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and the Seaside Institute.

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